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Get Outta That Rut!

If you’re like me, you read a story about some adventurous person taking a trip to (insert country here) in order to build homes, explore a new land or just be a tourist.  I love those stories since they are an encouragement to me to never stop striving for adventure and never stop learning.  But,…

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Quick and Easy Healthy Living Tips

There are countless articles, books, magazines and other media available with tips on living well, feeling well and just plain being healthy.  So I figured, why not add to the pile!? Here are a few easy tips to keep you going on the healthy living path you are on! Eat seasonally!  This is good news…

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The REAL Top Super Foods!

So we’ve all heard that kale is the most amazing super duper food that will cure all of our ills,  help us through that yoga class, replenish us after a deep-tissue massage and generate world peace, right!?  But, did you know that there are other foods out there that actually pack a bigger nutritional punch…

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Listen To Your Body (Before You Eat That)

So there you sit.  It is mid-to-late afternoon.  The buzz from your morning yoga class is waning and your scrumptious lunch has worn off.  You’re looking to make it through the rest of the day without losing all your steam and falling asleep on your keyboard.  We’ve all been there.  In fact, not just those…

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