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Quitting Consumerism

I typically lean towards original content on the blog, but this article was so good I didn’t want to miss anything.  This is a fantastic article from Rachel Smith.  It was presented in Elephant Journal, which if you have not yet discovered is well worth your time. Bookmark the site and visit it daily.  They…

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Massage Therapy Keeps You In The Game

There are so many benefits of massage therapy, we don’t have time to capture them all today.  But, for my athletes out there, I’d like to hit on a few advantages that may help your training this summer and keep you firing on all cylinders.  Massage therapy can reduce muscle tension, prevent injuries and improve…

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Quick Tips To Help You Chill Out This Summer

Yoga classes, a deep tissue massage and even a paddle board lesson are all great way to relax, rejuvenate and generally slow down and enjoy your summer.  But if you’re finding yourself stressed out and unable to “find your center”, I offer a few tips that I have stumbled upon in my readings and observations.…

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You Can’t Please All The People… Ever

I found this article in one of my favorite websites and decided to just share the whole thing!  I have included a link to the page so the author can get credit for his work.  The reality of life is that you truly can’t be all things to all people.  It is important for us…

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No More Excuses

We all have them.  Those “shoulds” in our lives that keep us from actually DOING something.  These excuses are stopping you from reaching your dreams or even exploring the dreams you haven’t thought of yet.  Here are a few common excuses and, perhaps, a little nudge to get you past them. It’s just too hard.…

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