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Get Back To The Mat

I’ll admit.  As a yoga instructor I want everyone to be doing yoga.  Of course I want you to be present at one of my yoga classes in Lincoln NH, but in general I want you to be doing yoga.  I understand and educate folks on the benefits of yoga as well as overall health…

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What We Can Learn From Smokers

No seriously!  OK, I know the title is a bit of an attention grabber, but it will make sense, I promise.  The goal is to obtain a little inner peace.  Granted, the kids are on their way back to school and the house is about to become a little more quiet, but we can all…

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Slow Down

Life is busy.  We all have schedules and to-do lists that don’t seem to ever quite get completed.  Whenever a tragedy strikes, especially a public one like Robin Williams’ death, I always find myself re-setting and making additional efforts to appreciate what I have.  Slowing down allows us to see more of what is around…

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Keeping Kids Kool with Yoga!

I love most of the stuff that comes out of Elephant Journal!!  This article is just great and gives us some fantastic ideas to get kids introduced to the basics of yoga while keeping it light and fun!  Special thanks to Rachel Glowacki for this one!! _____________ Keep cool this summer with kid-friendly yoga activities! In…

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