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Yoga and Meditation: A Few Considerations

Like apple pie and ice cream, yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand to increase relaxation, improve concentration, and relieve stress (only without all the calories of a slice of pie). Yoga is a safe way to stay fit and more mentally alert, and when combined with meditation, can help manage emotions and reduce your anxiety. But…

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Massage and Pregnancy: Good for You?

Most expectant mothers will tell you that any kind of pampering during those nine pregnant months is appreciated and welcome. Your feet may ache, lower back may hurt, and relaxing does not always come as easy during this season. Massage therapy has been around for centuries and is often used to treat various health ailments,…

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Massage Therapy and the Athlete

If you are one of the millions of people around the globe who are involved in some type of regular exercise, sport, or athletic team, you know the benefits of staying active. Reduced risk of heart disease, maintaining a healthy weight, improved circulation, and more energy are just a few of the positive outcomes of…

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10 Yoga Poses You Need to Know

A dedicated “yogi” will be quick to share with you the benefits of the ancient Eastern practice known as yoga. They will explain how it helps them with staying in shape, relief from stress, and reducing tension. Since more than 20 million of us practice yoga in some form, and we spend billions of dollars…

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Massage: Good for You, Good for Your Health

When we think of “massage,” we often think of luxury spas or a private masseuse. Over the years, massage therapy has become more widely available and convenient, with locations in airports, shopping malls, hotels, and businesses. Massage therapists use specific movement on the body’s soft tissue areas to help relieve tension, enhance well-being, and loosen…

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