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Choosing a Style of Yoga to Practice (Part 1)

The many different styles of yoga can be very confusing to a beginner. Deciding which style to learn and practice is even more of a conundrum. It helps if you can have a guide to see what each style is supposed to do. Each asana, or pose, in yoga is supposed to address a specific…

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4 Yogic Standing Postures, Part 4

The standing postures are an excellent prelude to the remainder of a yogic routine. They energize the body and open it to the meditative states of the less active asanas. Standing posture number 4: Standing Rotations These are a great set of exercises to do before the more vigorous and active standing exercises as well…

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4 Yogic Standing Postures, Part 3

Yogic standing postures, or asanas, provide an opportunity to increase strength, flexibility and create a harmonious balance for the rest of the asanas in a yogic routine. Standing posture number: Modern-day Sun Salutation While the Classical Sun Salutation is a gentle, flowing series of postures, the Modern-Day Sun Salutation is a more vigorous asana. This…

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4 Yogic Standing Postures, Part 2

Focusing on your breath while in a yogic posture allows you to move beyond whatever physical limitations you perceive to the full extent of your body’s ability to move completely into a posture. Failure to breathe deeply while in a posture only ends up frustrating a yogic practitioner due to failure to completely enter a…

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4 Yogic Standing Postures, Part 1

In order to master standing postures, one’s mind must control the body, and the will must control the mind. Correctly mastering the standing postures enables you to discipline both mind and body in a positive way. Because the standing postures are the most physically taxing of all of the yogic asanas, one must take charge…

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