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Yoga is a Mental Health Tool

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | February 26, 2016

Yoga has gotten increasingly more popular so that now a yoga studio is almost as common a sight in many towns as a Starbucks. There is an ever-increasing body of research that shows the positive effect you has on mental health by reducing stress, relieving muscle tension, sharpening attention, enhancing concentration and calming the nervous system. The American Psychological Association has embraced yoga’s mental health benefits and made it one of their tools for improving…

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The Qualities of a Good Massage Therapist

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | February 24, 2016

Massage therapy is a profession that is not for everyone. When massage therapist only care for the money they can earn doing massage therapy, that becomes readily apparent to their clients in their touch. No amount of smiling can make up for a demeanor that is all business or a touch that lack caring. This is why the profession of massage therapy most of the time attracts loving, caring individuals who are pleased to be…

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Yoga and Meditation Can Help Back Pain and Spinal Injury

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | February 22, 2016

The many benefits of yoga were known only to the people who practiced it until the last fifty years. During this time substantial research has been done to show hwo yoga benefits various conditons. Back pain and spinal injury research Here are some research conclusions that show the efficacy of yoga and meditation on back pain and spinal injury: In 2015 a study done by Branch, et al, in Chandigarh, India at the Panjanb University’s…

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Massage Therapy and Emotional Release

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | February 19, 2016

Emotions that we do not process and release become trapped in the tissues of the body where they can end up causing pain, decreased range of motion, and other ailments. The Asian cultures have recognized this capacity of the human body for centuries, but the American culture is just now beginning to accept this reality. The human body is an incredible recording device that holds onto every sight, sound, taste, touch and emotion we encounter…

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5 Misconceptions About Yoga

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | February 17, 2016

The people who have not tried yoga seem to have some misconceptions about it that keep them from accessing one of the most healthful forms of exercise there is. When yoga is not capitalized, it refers to the exercises used for control of the mind, body and breathing resulting in well-being. According to Merriam-Webster, when yoga is capitalized, it refers to a Hindu monotheistic belief that teaches the suppression of mind, body and will so…

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Ah, for a Good Foot Massage!

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | February 15, 2016

“Oh, yes, more please” is usually the refrain from anyone getting a foot massage. Not only does it feel good, though, it can add to one’s health and well-being. According to oriental medicine, the sensory nerves in both the hands and the feet connect with one’s internal organs, and can be used to treat health ailments.   Reflexology as a part of massage therapy Reflexology is the use of correct pressure to reflex points and areas…

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The Touch of a Massage Therapist

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | December 28, 2015

According to Rick Chillot in Psychology Today, touch is the first language we learn because it is the first sense babies acquire. Touch is very important to the healthy development of babies. A touch can soothe, reassure, convey love, assist, and it can nonverbally convey a host of other messages, both positive and negative. In 2009 psychologist Matthew Hertenstein’s study showed that humans can decode emotions by way of touch alone. Yet we live in…

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Yoga for Men

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | December 21, 2015

Besides helping you maintain your manly shape, yoga has many other benefits for you, some of them even a bit surprising. While yoga has long been thought of as a feminine form of exercise, many men are now introducing themselves to the yoga mat and its exercise potential. Yoga as the ‘fountain of youth’ Stamina, flexibility, optimum performance, strength, and energy – these are just a few of the things you can expect from doing…

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Massage Therapy for First-Timers

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | December 18, 2015

Massage therapy is an accepted treatment modality. Massage therapists are licensed in all of the states in the U.S. except Alaska, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Vermont, and Wyoming. The earliest licensure law enacted for massage therapists was in Florida in 1943, followed in 1947 by Hawaii, then Oregon and Arkansas in 1951. People who need to avoid massage therapy While massage therapy is great for a number of conditions, it is not recommended for the following…

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Joining Mind, Body and Spirit

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | December 14, 2015

While the word ‘hatha’ means forceful or willful, today’s hatha yoga is a series of gentle asanas (or poses) with no flow between them. This means that one pose does not flow into the next one. History of yoga Patanjali is believed to have lived around 1700 BCE in India, and to have collected the entire body of knowledge about yoga into the Yoga Sutra, which is a collection of 195 informational pieces serving as…

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