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Embarrassing Massage Moments

Massage therapy involves being touched by, in many cases, a stranger, often of the opposite gender. This can have surprising effects on some people. Then, if you add in all the things that can happen when our bodies relax during a massage and there can be many embarrassing moments for recipients of a massage. How…

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Thinking about Getting a Thai Massage?

There are many different types of massages. One of the lesser known types is the Thai massage, also called the Thai Yoga massage. It is so named because it is part massage and part yoga, and has also been defined as doing yoga with all the work removed. Thai massage is an ancient system of…

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The Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage differs from a regular massage in that its emphasis goes beyond mere relaxation and attempts to realign deeper layers of muscles. Deep tissue massage addresses chronic pain, muscles in spasm, stiff neck, pain in the lower back, tightness of leg muscle, and shoulder soreness. What deep tissue massage does Deep tissue…

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Massage Tools to Use in Between Massages

loon mountain nh massage

When a massage therapist is not handy or you cannot get a much needed appointment with your favorite massage therapist, there are tools you can use to help your body move better. While nothing will take the place of a great massage, these tools can help in the interim. Massage tools you can use until…

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Research Confirms the Benefits of Massage Therapy

loon mountain massage

Ask anyone who regularly gets a massage and he or she can tell you how wonderful massages are and how much healthier they feel after getting them. Within the past few years, there have also been research studies that validate the positive benefits of massage therapy. Massage therapy research conclusions The American Massage Therapy Association…

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3 Really Good Reasons to Get a Massage

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Many people get a massage because it feels good to do it. Massage therapy as a medical modality goes back thousands of years, with the first records being found in China and Egypt. The first written description of massage therapy was in a Chinese textbook written in 2700 BCE. Egyptian tomb inscriptions and paintings from…

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Using Massage Therapy to Help with Shoulder Pain

Shoulders are so very useful. They help us lift, throw, push, hug, paint, catch, and a multitude of other things. When they are injured, they can cause us an incredible amount of pain, discomfort, and loss of range of motion. Shoulder pain is so common for some folks that it seems like a necessary part…

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Massage Therapy and Emotional Release

Emotions that we do not process and release become trapped in the tissues of the body where they can end up causing pain, decreased range of motion, and other ailments. The Asian cultures have recognized this capacity of the human body for centuries, but the American culture is just now beginning to accept this reality.…

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Ah, for a Good Foot Massage!

“Oh, yes, more please” is usually the refrain from anyone getting a foot massage. Not only does it feel good, though, it can add to one’s health and well-being. According to oriental medicine, the sensory nerves in both the hands and the feet connect with one’s internal organs, and can be used to treat health…

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The Touch of a Massage Therapist

According to Rick Chillot in Psychology Today, touch is the first language we learn because it is the first sense babies acquire. Touch is very important to the healthy development of babies. A touch can soothe, reassure, convey love, assist, and it can nonverbally convey a host of other messages, both positive and negative. In…

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