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Yoga For a Happy, Healthy Heart

Thinking of exercise for heart health may conjure up images of a sweaty aerobics class or several laps around the track. But new research is showing us that heart-healthy routines may be just a bit more relaxing than we once thought. The CDC reports that 1 in 3 deaths each year in the U.S. is…

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Is Yoga Safe for Back Pain?

We’ll begin this discussion with the following disclaimer: if you have chronic back pain, discuss any exercise plans you have with your physician or chiropractor BEFORE you start a program. Yoga is an ideal way to gently exercise your entire body. It has been cited as a way to relieve pain for joints, muscles, and…

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7 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga goes back thousands of years and is said to have developed out of a desire for greater health and personal freedom. Yoga is both physical and mental; the word itself means “to join or yoke together”, uniting the body and the mind in harmony. As a combination of poses, breathing, and meditation, yoga is…

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Building Better Balance

I believe balance is an important part of our everyday lives. Heck, I even put the word in the name of my business!  We hear the benefits of balance lauded in many different facets of our lives.  Moderation in most things and a healthy variety of interests can be a good foundation for contentment.  Of…

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