5 Health Concerns That Your Massage Therapist Can Help You Overcome

Part art, part science, massage therapy is now seen as a key component of healthy, mindful lifestyle. A few decades ago, massages were considered privileges that only wealthy individuals could afford to experience at spas featured by luxurious wellness centers and upscale resorts.

These days, massages are no longer perceived as elements tied to a luxurious way of life; as a matter of fact, they have been gradually added to treatment plans implemented by rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and private clinics.

Common Health Problems That Can Be Addressed via Massage Therapy

Our trained, friendly and courteous massage therapists know the exterior and interior of the human body like the palms of their hands, and can help their clients identify and address a myriad of health concerns, including the ones listed below.

Stress. Stress is the number one enemy that interferes with our daily tasks, forcing us to work even harder to achieve the desirable outcome. In time, left unaddressed, elevated stress levels can lower our productivity at work, impact our mood, and affect the quality of our relationships with ourselves and with others. Massage is a great way to keep stress levels in check, while also eliminating several side-effects of this common problem, such as insomnia, anxiety disorders, and elevated blood pressure.

Back Pain. Many of our clients complain about persistent, intense back pain that we can tie to many underlying causes, including aging, an incorrect posture, and extended periods of sitting. Fortunately, our therapists can remedy this pressing issue through personalized massage techniques; at the same time, they can identify misalignments, and offer clients the expert guidance they need to improve their posture in any environment.

Allergies. By stimulating the lymph flow, massage sessions can lead to a stronger immune system, enabling people to alleviate certain allergies. Experienced professionals may even be able to detect allergies, by simply taking a closer look at one’s lymph nodes. If your lymph nodes are swollen and tender, they may indicate that you are suffering from a certain form of allergy.

Sport injuries. Through gentle touches, we can also speed up the recovery of people who have suffered sorts injuries, and are now forced to deal with a string of problems, including muscle weakness and joint stiffness. Our professional massage techniques give us the chance to alleviate our clients’ pain and discomfort, while gradually strengthening atrophied, overworked, or weak muscles. At the same time, we can increase range of motion and boost flexibility by working on stiff joints caused by an old injury or chronic arthritis.

Poor Circulation. We see poor circulation as the root of all evil. This common issue can be tied to numerous health concerns, ranging from chronic swelling and aching to much more disturbing complications, such as gangrene, ulcerations, and amputation. Fortunately, the best massage therapists can identify and address a poor circulation problem in its earliest stages, and eliminate its effects by regulating blood flow, and pushing nutrients and oxygen towards muscle tissues and all vital organs.

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