A Couple Tips to Get You Off The Couch

nh massageLet’s be honest.  We’re all ready for spring.  Mother nature has given us some extra beauty this season with some late snow, but I think we’re all ready for some flowers and the smell of fresh cut grass!  One of the easier things we can do this time of year is stay planted on the couch.  The varying temperatures, sandy roads, inclement weather etc., are all things that can provide enough of an excuse to stay inside and watch TV or marathon your way through the seasons of your favorite show in Netflix.  But how about heading in the other direction.  How about some ideas to nudge you in the direction of taking that run or bike ride?

My main objective (and motivator) for exercising is to get outside. I love my job and I love my house, but nothing re-charges me like fresh air.  It helps awaken all of my senses and helps me sleep better at night.  There is just something innate about us that loves the outdoors.

Getting out for a run or bike ride is also a great chance to unplug and meditate.  I love rockin’ out to my favorite tunes when exercising as well, but don’t forget to unplug once in a while and explore your inner thoughts.  If you find yourself in the serenity of the woods, you’ll hear more birds and animals than you ever knew were out there.  This is also a great opportunity to practice conscious breathing, smile at the world around you and enjoy the endorphins.

nh deep tissue massageGetting in a good workout is not always the reason to get outside, but it certainly is a great chance to earn that hot shower.  Spending the day hiking, snowshoeing, skiing or any other outdoor activity, especially in colder weather, is a great way to build anticipation for the reward of a steamy hot shower.  Use the reward as a motivation to prompt you to get out in the first place.  (I think a deep-tissue massage is another great reward!)

We don’t always have to be improving, gaining, growing, expanding, etc., but this is certainly a great chance to do just that.  Getting out for a run or bike ride is a chance to set a new personal best, go a little longer distance or just push a little harder than before.  The internal reward for pushing yourself is far better than the guilt of riding the couch all afternoon.

Embrace this season and get outside to play.  Northern New Hampshire is simply beautiful every time of the year, it’s just that something you need to get beyond main street to find the beauty.
I’ll see you out there!

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