Kermit The Frog Was Wrong!

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | May 6, 2014

My blog tends to focus on health and well being as well as Lincoln NH massage and Yoga.  I read a great article about ways in which we can continue the mind-set of earth day and be a little more green every day.  Sorry Kermit, it turns out, it really IS easy bein’ green! Here are just a few ideas we can all do very easily that will make a difference in our own lives…

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Some Steps to Squash Your Stress

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | May 1, 2014

If you look, you can find ways to reduce your stress around every corner and on dozens of late-night info-mercials.  The trouble with most of them is finding time in our busy lives to tackle the technique proposed to reduce our stress in the first place.  Here are a couple tips to help reduce your stress without having to carve out time to schedule a time to find more time to meditate. Stress is a…

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Unplug and Re-Charge

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | April 22, 2014

I admit, I’m not much of a technology “guru”, but I am versed enough to hold my own.  As a small business owner, yoga instructor, mother, wife and friend it is important for me to maintain connection to all my “peeps”.  That said, it is also important for me to unplug, unwind and simply “be”.  Yes, this sounds a little “hippy-dippy”, but that’s OK.  It is just that important. If you are going to commit…

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Reason To Drink Lemon Water

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | April 15, 2014

Here’s some info. I got from another great article in the Elephant Journal.  I’ve not been as religious in my drinking of lemon water as the author, but the benefits seem great.  I want to note that you should do a little research on this to make sure you get the mixture right.  It can be harmful to your teeth so maybe check with your dentist first.  There is no reason to gain the benefits…

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A Couple Tips to Get You Off The Couch

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | April 9, 2014

Let’s be honest.  We’re all ready for spring.  Mother nature has given us some extra beauty this season with some late snow, but I think we’re all ready for some flowers and the smell of fresh cut grass!  One of the easier things we can do this time of year is stay planted on the couch.  The varying temperatures, sandy roads, inclement weather etc., are all things that can provide enough of an excuse to…

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Simply Simplify This Spring

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | April 2, 2014

If you have practiced yoga or meditation, you are aware of the concept of simplification, slowing down and simply “being”.  Some of my favorite times of the day (and week) are when I’m in the heart of a yoga class or a massage and I’m simply being present.  Unfortunately, life on the outside of this little bubble is not always so serene.  There are a few ways we can keep this feeling of presence going…

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Work Hard at Lightening Up

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | March 27, 2014

Don’t get me wrong, life can be serious.  There is enough hunger, poverty, angst, stress and general “icky” stuff in the world to go around.  My hope and encouragement for you today is to make a concerted effort to focus on the positive and laugh a little more.  There are plenty of studies and articles about laughter’s physiological benefits for you to read, but I won’t go into that here.  I just want you to…

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Be Happy Now!

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | March 21, 2014

 Lots of people spend their lives seeking and searching for happiness and contentment.  This ongoing struggle is both unhealthy and, in most cases, unnecessary.  O.K., I know that is a potentially unfair statement and I am certainly not imploring anyone to stop seeking joy.  I’m also a huge fan of change and adventure so it is important you never stop exploring and seeking out new ways to enjoy this life.  The point here is you…

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Keep Your Yoga Fresh and New (when you’ve hit a wall)

By Balanced Rock Bodyworks | February 18, 2014

Repetition can be the death of any new activity.  I tend to need stimulation to keep my brain engaged.  The same can be said of something as refreshing and rejuvenating as your personal yoga practice, exercise routine or even Stand Up Paddle-boarding!   It is important to keep a renewed sense of wonder and excitement about all the various techniques, positions and benefits of this great practice.  Here’s a great article from our friend Cathy…

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