Discover the Many Benefits of Meditation Massage

meditation lincoln nhHow many times have you misread or ignored the signals sent by your body, exposing yourself to sky-high stress levels, burnout, and a wide array of illnesses? If you are familiar with this problem, our advice is to book your first meditation massage, and find out how this valuable therapeutic aid can enhance your overall quality of life.
Why Is Meditation and Massage a Winning Formula?

Meditation massage is a foolproof method to address the needs and demands of your mind and body at the same time. During these sessions, the background music that is normally used to recreate a soothing, relaxing environment is replaced with meditation techniques we encourage our clients to employ to clear their mind, and achieve a state of weightlessness and inner peace.
Meditation provides remarkable long-term benefits, allowing those who practice it to alleviate certain medical conditions, and make the most of a long-lasting sense of balance, peace and calmness, which will allow them to complete tasks more efficiently at home or at the office.

Why Meditate?
Meditation provides a plethora of emotional benefits that we all need to witness on a daily basis, including improved self awareness, the ability to see any situation from different perspectives, stronger stress-coping skills, a clearer focus on the present; plus the ability to label and organize thoughts with more ease, and block negative emotions.

Meditation can lend a helping hand when it comes to addressing several health concerns, especially the ones that can be tied to elevated stress levels. These days, more and more doctors who believe in the healing power of alternative medicine encourage patients with asthma, anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, and even cancer, to meditate daily in order to improve their condition.

While meditation isn’t a replacement for conventional therapies and medication, it can be seen as an incredibly effective addition to conservative treatment plans designed to address the symptoms and the causes behind one’s health problem.

How Do You Mediate?

During a meditation massage session, we offer our clients the guidance they need to reach a pleasant state of mindfulness. There are several types of meditation to choose from, including mantra meditation, guided meditation, and mindful meditation. The first type of meditation revolves around a positive affirmation about yourself and your life, which you should repeat over and over again, while avoiding distractions. The second type enables you to focus on a mental image that you perceive as relaxing during your massage session, while the latter form of meditation gives you the chance to be mindful, and embrace the present moment. As experienced massage therapists, we can help you choose the pattern that works best for you, and offer you the personalized, professional skin-on-skin contact that you need to improve your balance, and reach your full potential in every aspect of your daily life.

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