Get Back To The Mat

lincoln nh yoga class scheduleI’ll admit.  As a yoga instructor I want everyone to be doing yoga.  Of course I want you to be present at one of my yoga classes in Lincoln NH, but in general I want you to be doing yoga.  I understand and educate folks on the benefits of yoga as well as overall health and exercise.  I also understand that it is not always easy to find time for either.  Amidst our busy schedules, our kids’ busy schedules and finding time for ourselves, carving out time for exercise and/or yoga is not always the most simple thing. (Although the kids ARE back in school now!!)  Here are a few tips to help get you back on the mat and back in the flow.

If you are going to be practicing yoga at home, take a little time to make the space work for you.  If you have to adjust furniture, lamps and otherwise “clean” the area before you can lay down your mat, you’re not going to be as motivated to do it.  If you HAVE the space, and not all of us do, set it up for yourself and leave it set.  Not only will the appearance of this “yoga-ready” area be a reminder to you, it will make the impromptu sessions that much more frequent.  I promise.

Aside from those impromptu sessions, try and schedule a time (times?) each week when you can get on the mat.  Just like the money experts teach us to “pay ourselves” first to start working towards savings, “schedule yourself” first this week and let the other items fall around that schedule.  Sure, you can be flexible and adjust your times as the week fills up, but at least you have them on the calendar and have allotted the space for them physically and nh yoga massage nap

Since you have pencilled in these times, take that one step further and plan ahead.  If your time is after work, have a banana or something else that will give you the energy to push through a full session when you get home.  Each of these little steps all combine to keep you motivated to stick with your schedule.

Lastly, focus on, but don’t be ridden with guilt by, your goals.  I think it is important to have health goals and to keep them front of mind.  If that means you need to write them down or put them on your bathroom mirror, keep them in your mind and stay focused on them.  That said, you don’t have to let them drive you crazy.  If you are on your way home, on a scheduled yoga day, and all you can muster is the energy to plop on the couch with a glass of wine, do it!  If you hold yourself hostage to those goals and schedule you inevitably suck all the fun out of the activity and it starts to become a chore.  Keep it fun and keep your goals in mind.  Don’t drive yourself crazy.

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