Give the Gift of Time

loon mountain massageLet’s be honest.  Nobody really enjoys the insanity of Christmas shopping.  And furthermore, getting (or giving) a gift bought in a store is never as meaningful or personal as something from you, personally.  I’m not talking about making your family matching Rudolph sweaters either.  When it comes to the holidays, we can all do a little better at giving the gift of ourselves.  Let’s look at a couple options.

Tickets are a great way to please the person with a fun event and get to spend time with them at the same time.  It can be to a movie, a show, a concert or any activity the receiver enjoys.  The point being that you are giving them the gift of your time and undivided attention.  Something I think we’re a little lacking these days.

Vouchers or coupons were a fun gift when we were kids, but they are still as meaningful as adults.  Giving the gift of chores, errands or even bedroom treats are a great way to increase the personal nature of the gift!  You could even provide them a coupon for a massage or a yoga class.  Both are great ways to relieve some of that holiday stress.

Games are another great way to give the person something fun and give them your time as well.  Family is likely going to be “around” this season and games (board, card, family, etc.) are a great way to keep folks together and laughing.

Lastly, anything personal is almost always a good idea.  Whether you make a mug in pottery class (or just paint it), knit a sweater (why not!?) or create something else from the heart, it will always carry more “weight” than anything you could buy in a store.

Make an effort to personalize the holidays this year and try giving gifts from your “person” and from the heart.  I have a feeling it will be a Christmas to remember and likely will start a tradition!

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