How to Soften Summer Feet, Dry Feet, and Rough Feet

lincoln nh massage feetSince we’re all covered up with boots and wool socks, now is a good time to fix your feet from a summer of abuse!  Age, bare feet, flip flops, and many other things cause us to sometimes have dry, rough, peeling feet. Many of us have rough feet, but there are easy fixes for those toes that will have them twinkling again soon.  Plus, a good massage might be just the trick to “soften” the rest of your body!

If you just have a little dry skin on your feet, try washing your feet before bed and adding a quality lotion like ShiKai with borage oil. Cover your feet with a thin pair of cotton socks to hold in the moisture.

For rougher feet, get a cream or scrub that is made for feet. A scrub with small pumice granules works quite well as does one with very fine salt grains. Use the cream or scrub before bedtime, dry your feet, lotion them up again and put them to bed with the socks on.

For feet with calluses that are more like hooves than feet, you need exfoliating tools like pumice stones. Amope makes an incredibly powerful battery operate pumice that works quite well in sanding off calluses. It is best to use all pumice tools on dry feet. Use these tools before bedtime, follow with lotion and socks, and in few nights you will have Cinderella or Prince Charming feet.

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