Kermit The Frog Was Wrong!

lincoln nh massage greenMy blog tends to focus on health and well being as well as Lincoln NH massage and Yoga.  I read a great article about ways in which we can continue the mind-set of earth day and be a little more green every day.  Sorry Kermit, it turns out, it really IS easy bein’ green!

Here are just a few ideas we can all do very easily that will make a difference in our own lives and in the world.  Remember, think global, act local.

  • Carpool to the office.
  • Wear your clothes a few times before washing, including pants, sweaters, and items that don’t collect a lot of dirt.
  • Turn off water when brushing your teeth.
  • Buy local and freeze leftovers, like herbs, in-season produce, etc.
  • Plant your own organic garden.
  • Practice rainwater harvesting.
  • Use reusable shopping bags. Keep them handy so you don’t forget!
  • Use reusable water bottles and reusable coffee mugs.
  • Buy used items and donate or sell your own.
  • Buy organic produce when possible — fertilizers and pesticides are ruining our soil.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room, and try using natural lighting if you’re home during the day.
  • Spend more time outside and less time watching TV and on the computer.
  • Buy used books or e-books.

(You can read the full article here)

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