Massage and Pregnancy: Good for You?

loon mountain massage pregnantMost expectant mothers will tell you that any kind of pampering during those nine pregnant months is appreciated and welcome. Your feet may ache, lower back may hurt, and relaxing does not always come as easy during this season.

Massage therapy has been around for centuries and is often used to treat various health ailments, reduce stress, and help relax tense muscles. Massage therapy is safe for many, but is it okay during pregnancy?

The American pregnancy Association says “yes”, and recommends women in pregnancy who are interested in this type of massage seek out a massage therapist who is certified in prenatal massage (always ask your therapist about his or her qualifications and training). Due the fact that extensive studies have not yet been conducted, each individual woman should consult with her physician before seeking any type of complementary medicine.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage experts can tailor care for women by adapting to the unique needs and changed an expectant mom requires during pregnancy. As hormone levels increase and blood volume rises, blood clots become a risk and swelling can occur. A women’s body goes through different changes during each stage, various types of massage can help target these issues.

  • Hormone regulation: Studies have been hopeful in showing a positive impact on the body’s hormonal response as a result of Swedish massage.
  • Swelling: Reduced circulation and increasing pressure on blood vessels can occur during pregnancy, and massage can aid in reduce swelling.
  • Nerve pain: Sciatic nerve pain can occur due to pressure from the baby. Massage therapy can relax muscles that become tight around those nerves.
  • Joint pain, back pain, headaches: Swedish massage employs mild pressure to different muscles in order to address a variety of aches and pains.
  • Relaxation: For many adults, massage just feels good. Anxiety can be reduced and moods lifted with this type of alternative medicine.

As with any type of medical care, precautions should be taken with any type of prenatal massage to ensure the safety of mom and baby. These include: the body’s position, the amount of pressure applied, and massage strokes used by the therapist.

Any woman who is considered high risk, has experienced serious illness during pregnancy, or has experienced complications during pregnancy should always seek professional medical advice from her obstetrician before pursuing care from a massage therapist.

Depending on the trimester you are currently in, the Lincoln NH massage therapist may choose to not treat you or delay treatment unit later in you pregnancy. Your primary physician may be able to recommend someone qualified in this field, and may also have tips on how to decrease pain and aches during this season.

Massage therapy can be a relaxing and stress-reducing process; in order to maximize optimal health, safety procedures should still be followed, both during and after pregnancy.

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