Massage Therapy Keeps You In The Game

lincoln nh massageThere are so many benefits of massage therapy, we don’t have time to capture them all today.  But, for my athletes out there, I’d like to hit on a few advantages that may help your training this summer and keep you firing on all cylinders.  Massage therapy can reduce muscle tension, prevent injuries and improve exercise performance.  The benefits to your muscles can allow you to train harder and certainly perform better if you are aiming for a race or other competitive event.

In between those workouts and races, athletes of all abilities can benefit from the unwinding that massage therapy provides.  Summer is a busy time for most of us so taking a break, reducing stress and re-charging your batteries with a massage is a great idea.  This can help you re-charge on both physical and psychological levels.

Lastly, at least for today, is massage’s ability to manage your aches and pains.  If mowing and raking are taking their toll on your aching body this summer, a massage can help relieve that low back pain and even reduce the symptoms of arthritis and neck pain.  Of course, then you won’t have an excuse to get out of yard work!

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