Quick and Easy Healthy Living Tips

lincoln nh yoga healthThere are countless articles, books, magazines and other media available with tips on living well, feeling well and just plain being healthy.  So I figured, why not add to the pile!? Here are a few easy tips to keep you going on the healthy living path you are on!

Eat seasonally!  This is good news for us in the Northeast.  Now is the time when farmer’s markets are popping up and fresh fruits and veggies are abounding!  While it is OK to make-do with frozen-fresh nutrition throughout the colder months, because we have no other real choice, now is the time to take advantage of local foods!

Steer clear of processed foods.  Since we’re on the subject of eating fresh and local,  this is an easy one to do this time of year. Artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors have no place in our bodies.  Do what you can to avoid these items.

Get outside and get your heart rate up.  Even if only for a few minutes a day, this little tip will do wonders for your overall health, mental and physical.  The vitamin D is great for energy and your immune system.  While you’re out, stop by a farmer’s market to take care of those earlier two suggestions!  See, now you’re even being more efficient!  Nice work!

lincoln nh yoga coffeeWhile I’m on the food and nutrition kick, I’ll encourage you to do a cleanse.  This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or super-strict, but just a simple elimination of certain foods for a specified timeframe.  A good friend of mine does this every month and chooses a different item each time or sometimes will combine a few together.  Week 1, he may eliminate coffee, then remove alcohol during week 2.  These small breaks are great for the mind and body and might even convince you to eliminate some of those more harmful habits once and for all.

Try keeping a journal and track your food intake.  The first time I tried this it was a very eye-opening experience.  Not only will it give you a sense of control over your diet and nutrition, but it is a great way to track those sneaky calories is you are trying to shed a few pounds.  I have also done this with my money as well.  When we keep a journal of all of the money we spend, especially cash, we learn a lot about our habits and about where we can make small improvements.

Treat yourself to something nice.  After all this talk about eliminating those guilty pleasures, it really is OK to treat yourself for your good work.  You can also find healthier alternatives that you may find just as rewarding.  Once I discovered dark chocolate, I have never looked back.  The same can be said for healthier versions of cakes and other sweet treats.   You may find that you don’t need to eliminate them at all!

Take a few baby-steps today and work a little towards a healthier you!  Quite often the steps can be very minimal and still pay dividends in your health and make you feel better overall!

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