Re-Start and Reset in the New Year

loon mountain massageThere is always a lot of talk in the new year about resolutions and re-starts.  I’d like to encourage you to give these notions a chance and perhaps do a little re-start of your own this year.  Here are a few tips or steps that I found helpful.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, we need to revisit the last 12 months and simply acknowledge the lessons we learned.  All the positive and negative that we experienced in the last year is not just our past but it represents how we have grown.  Just quickly cycle through the year and revisit any experiences that you can bring up.  You’ll usually find that there was more to the year than is typically front-of-mind for most of us.

Much like we try to do during a yoga class, the goal is to “see” the experience, but not dwell on it.  See it for the instant that it was in the whole scheme of your life and let it go.  These were great experiences and lessons, but we can’t stick on them and let them have any further power over us.  Let them go.

I have talked about “clutter” in the past, but this new year I want you to focus on any “loose ends”.  If there are projects that are simply not going to get done or broken belongings that simply don’t serve their intended purpose any longer, let them go.  Take this opportunity to cull out the broken and loose ends in your life and in your garage or basement.

As we move towards the re-set, focus on how you want your life to be.  Focus on not just the goal you want to attain, but imagine the accomplishment as if it were real.  This is how professional athletes do it, why should you be any different.  If we focus on the accomplishment instead of the journey (during this meditative time), we are more likely to succeed.

I wish you nothing but the best in 2015!

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