Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga



Board/Gear included

(75 Minutes) $35


Float in (BYO Gear): $20


12 Week Summer Pass: $199



Drop in lesson: $45

@ 3 People or more: $30

Private Lesson: $85

Head lamps: $1 (rental)

Includes board, paddle,paddle leash, life jacket, anchor, instruction, 15 min. warm-up and 60 minute yoga class.


This summer, jump off your mat and onto the water. Reserve or bring a paddleboard and flow through yoga poses while attempting to balance on your board. Stand Up Paddleboard, otherwise known as SUP Yoga, classes and retreats are forming all over the world. Wanderlust Oahu even included it on their schedule. So, it’s about time you changed up your yoga routine and environment.



Here are five reasons why you should jump off your mat and onto a board.

supsolo1. Improve your Balance. Added factors such as water current can challenge your balance . The element of moving water will require you to engage additional muscle stabilizers and maintain an enhanced focus on the presence.


2. Strengthen Your Core. As you stand and paddle, the engagement of the core is required to keep you steady and moving through the water. Using the paddleboard as your mat will bring a whole new meaning to your boat pose.


supriver3. Overcome Fear. We have all experienced the fear of falling while moving into inversions and arm balances. As you improve your balance and engage your core, you will become stronger and hopefully a little braver as you try poses on your board that you might have mastered previously on your steady mat. Added Bonus: If you fall, you land in the water and cool off!


4. Get outdoors. Even if there are clouds, the sun is always shining! Add some Vitamin D into your day. The change of scenery will be a great addition to your practice. Make a day of it and take a picnic lunch. After your practice, watch the water and breathe in the fresh air, allowing it to invigorate and calm you.


sup25. Have Fun! Changing how and where you practice yoga is a great opportunity to meet new people and bring some excitement to your daily routine. Jump or fall off your board and take a swim. Remember, it’s only yoga!





$45-(60 minutes) for 2 or more

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Includes board, paddle, paddle leash, life jacket and instruction.