Analyzing the Effects of Regular Massages on the Mind and Body

lincoln nh massage therapy effects

We can all link relaxing massages to a plethora of health benefits, including a more flexible, stronger body, an improved posture, reduced discomfort, and stronger pain coping skills. Nonetheless, have you ever wondered how a massage therapy session could actually benefit your mind? As experienced massage therapists, we can tell you that firm, gentle touches…

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Can Massage Therapy Actually Help Improve Body Awareness?

lincoln nh massage therapy benefits

When you’re overly tired or stressed, or feel forced to cope with the symptoms of a new health concern, do you ever think about implementing small changes that could help you prevent such disruptions in the long term? Diseases and sky-high stress levels impacting our productivity, mood, self-image, and the way in which we interact…

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Who Are the Best Candidates for Deep-Tissue Massage?

lincoln nh deep tissue massage

Recommended by many specialists as a valid treatment option for back pain, injured muscles, and chronic stress, deep-tissue massage is a particular kind of massage therapy focused on the deep layers of our muscles. Involving firm, slow strokes and deep finger pressure, this type of massage therapy yields excellent results for patients of all ages…

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The Remarkable Benefits of Relaxation Massage

lincoln nh massage therapy

Hectic working schedules raising our stress levels are only one of the key elements that force us to cope with stubborn neck, back and shoulder pain. As a matter of fact, many individuals deal with a certain form of postural stress at some point in their lives. From experience, I can tell you that desk…

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How Essential Oils Used in Massage Therapy are Obtained

An essential oil is an oil obtained from a plant or other source that has the characteristic fragrance of its source. The use of essential oils in healing has been around for thousands of years, and they are used very successfully in massage therapy as well as other healing modalities. Methods of obtaining essential oils…

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History of Essential Oils in Healing

Massage therapy is one of the powerful uses of essential oils for healing purposes. Aromatherapy using essential oils has been a part of healing traditions for many thousands of years. In fact, according to anthropologists, perfumery began via the burning of gums and resins as incense and smudging with plants. Smudging involves setting fire to…

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Getting to Know Your Massage Therapist

Most people who opt for a career in massage therapy do so because they want a career that allows them to offer a meaningful service to people that has a hands-on approach to it. Massage therapy offers an opportunity for people to enter into a profession that allows them to express caring and concern for…

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Research Confirms the Benefits of Massage Therapy

loon mountain massage

Ask anyone who regularly gets a massage and he or she can tell you how wonderful massages are and how much healthier they feel after getting them. Within the past few years, there have also been research studies that validate the positive benefits of massage therapy. Massage therapy research conclusions The American Massage Therapy Association…

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The Qualities of a Good Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is a profession that is not for everyone. When massage therapist only care for the money they can earn doing massage therapy, that becomes readily apparent to their clients in their touch. No amount of smiling can make up for a demeanor that is all business or a touch that lack caring. This…

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