Types of Essential Oils Used in Massage Therapy

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The type of essential oil that is used in massage therapy is very individual for each client’s needs. There are oils for relaxation, muscle pain, anxiety, and many other conditions that affect us on a regular basis. Most massage therapists use essential oils that promote wither relaxation or detoxification. Essential oils for relaxation during a…

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Embarrassing Massage Moments

Massage therapy involves being touched by, in many cases, a stranger, often of the opposite gender. This can have surprising effects on some people. Then, if you add in all the things that can happen when our bodies relax during a massage and there can be many embarrassing moments for recipients of a massage. How…

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Massage Therapy for Knee Pain

If you are among the 10 million people who saw a doctor in recent years for a knee injury, you know how much pain an injury of this type can cause, and how much it can interfere with daily activities. Knee injuries are common among sports players, and can also occur as the result of…

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