Unlocking the Numerous Benefits of Professional Facial Massages

During the busiest, most stressful periods of our lives, we tend to address urgent issues impacting the functionality of our body, and neglect aesthetic concerns that do not require immediate attention. Nonetheless, this method of prioritizing our needs isn’t always the best one, considering that a tired, dull face with tense muscles isn’t exactly flattering, and may very well impact our self-image, and the way in which others see us, and interact with us.

3 Benefits of Professional Facial Massages
Fortunately, at Balanced Rock Bodyworks we have the perfect solution for your tired face and body. By ending your regular wellness session with a facial massage, you could make a giant first step towards a healthier, glowing face that is less vulnerable to daily stressors that may trigger or accentuate certain imperfections, such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and redness.
Here are three of the most notable benefits tied to regular facial massages.

1. Reduced Tension. We should probably start by telling you that facial muscles that are constantly tense are more prone to harboring wrinkles; this is why they should be massaged as often as possible; even a simple routine that won’t take more than two minutes of your time can yield excellent results.

The ideal duration of a facial massage meant to reduce muscle tension depends a great deal on one’s complexion. While oily faces that are prone to acne shouldn’t be massaged for more than 10 minutes, the muscles of dry and normal faces can be stimulated for about 20 minutes. Pinching and tapping motions enable us to work against gravity, and keep the face looking fresh and youthful for the longest while.

2.Increased Blood Flow. By massaging the skin around the eyes, brows and mouth, we can increase oxygen flow and boost blood circulation in these areas, making the clients’ complexion become more radiant, appealing and healthier-looking.

3. Effective Wrinkle Prevention. As a plus, facial massages stimulate collagen production, helping prevent premature wrinkling, and ensuring a safe, rapid and absolutely natural facelift.

At Balanced Rock Bodyworks you have the chance to meet friendly, fully trained, courteous massage therapists who can help you opt for the most effective massage techniques to rejuvenate your face, and achieve a radiant, envy-inducing complexion. Choose to discover the benefits of facial massages on your own, and spread the word about their advantages to help your friends and family reach their own health and beauty goals.

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