What We Can Learn From Smokers

linconln nh health yogaNo seriously!  OK, I know the title is a bit of an attention grabber, but it will make sense, I promise.  The goal is to obtain a little inner peace.  Granted, the kids are on their way back to school and the house is about to become a little more quiet, but we can all still use a little more “calm” to help us through the day.  It actually makes you more productive to have a higher level of serenity!

Most people don’t realize just how powerful our breathing is to our overall wellness and our mind’s clarity.  If you have enjoyed a yoga class, you know there is a large focus on breathing.  Many (most!) of the positions incorporate breathing techniques that combine to bring peace and a sense of balance to the mind.  Breathing is directly tied to your emotions as well.  That is why the old “take a few deep breaths” technique actually works to calm yourself down and feel better when something has upset you.

Start to become aware of your breathing and I can almost guarantee your breaths are short and shallow.  If you start to breath at a controlled pace and work on taking larger and deeper breaths, you will slow down the mind’s incessant chatter and you will feel your mind begin to become more clear.  If you’ve seen a smoker take that first drag off of a cigarette, it is clear they are fully enjoying the experience.  Nobody can argue the horrible side effects of smoking, but the controlled breathing reduces stress and starts to get you more centered.  You can gain all the benefits of slow controlled breathing without the hazards of a toxic cigarette!

As you sit and read this, slow your breathing down and take larger deeper breaths.  You will feel the air fill you up and send oxygen throughout your body.  This additional flow of oxygen promotes brain waves and feelings of relaxation and energy.  What a great way to improve your mood, productivity and energy levels.

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