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Massage Therapy Survey Results

The AMTA just released a “consumer survey fact sheet” that produced some really cool results about massage therapy.  I have put some of the highlights in here and you can follow the link above to get the whole scoop! Seventy-seven percent of individuals surveyed claim their primary reason for receiving a massage in the previous…

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Fit As A Fiddle For Less!

In a perfect world, none of us would fret about money and we would be able to do anything we want.  Travel, shop, eat, get a massage, entertain ourselves and keep ourselves in shape without worrying about going to work.  While some of us have a taste of that lifestyle, the majority of us are…

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How To Communicate Gooder

From the time we start talking, we develop tendencies and habits with our communication skills.  As the development of online communication blossomed, we all started to take advantage of the immediacy of these new methods.  One of the potential pitfalls of this sort of communication is that it is SO immediate, we can be guilty…

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4 (of the many) Reasons Yoga Is Awesome!

Biased? Yes.  Believer? Yes. As many of you are aware I teach yoga in Lincoln NH among the many other busy parts of my life.  Yoga has taught me countless lessons and has brought me as many benefits both physically and emotionally.  While many of the benefits of yoga are, in fact, physical there are…

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