yoga lincoln nhVinyasa Flow Yoga

Try this class if you like to keep moving. Vinyasa yoga is moving from one pose to the next on an inhale or exhale helping an individual to become more aware of the breath, grounding and working the body. Every class has a variety of poses but includes sun salutations. It’s about the movement, not just the stretching. Each class is letting go of competition.  So come flow with me.

PaddleBoard Yoga:

This summer, jump off your mat and into the water.  Grab a paddleboard and practice your favorite yoga poses while attempting to balance on your board.

Stand Up Paddleboard, otherwise known as SUP Yoga, classes and retreats are forming all over the world. Wanderlust Oahu even included it on their schedule. So, it’s about time you changed up your yoga routine and environment. Or ……

Learn how to Paddle:

1 hour  Private Lessons are $75
Group Lessons: (minimum of 2) $45 each

Paddle Yoga: Wednesday and Saturday Mornings 8:30 AM

Must Sign Up ahead of time

Snowshoe Yoga: Winter season only

We are at:
Lincoln Wellness Center Building
6 South Mountain Drive
Lincoln, NH 03251