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Can Massage Therapy Actually Help Improve Body Awareness?

lincoln nh massage therapy benefits

When you’re overly tired or stressed, or feel forced to cope with the symptoms of a new health concern, do you ever think about implementing small changes that could help you prevent such disruptions in the long term? Diseases and sky-high stress levels impacting our productivity, mood, self-image, and the way in which we interact…

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The Basics of Prenatal Massage

lincoln nh prenatal massage

For centuries in a row, massage therapy has been seen as an accessible, effective and affordable method to address a wide array of physical ailments, while also improving one’s mental health, and overall quality of life. From experience, I can tell you that pregnant women can witness the same type of benefits, and several others,…

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Who Are the Best Candidates for Deep-Tissue Massage?

lincoln nh deep tissue massage

Recommended by many specialists as a valid treatment option for back pain, injured muscles, and chronic stress, deep-tissue massage is a particular kind of massage therapy focused on the deep layers of our muscles. Involving firm, slow strokes and deep finger pressure, this type of massage therapy yields excellent results for patients of all ages…

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