What Kind of Relationship Benefits Should You Expect from Couple Massages?

lincoln nh couples massageThese days, very few people actually take the time to plan and enjoy relaxing activities with their loved ones. In most cases, they share a frugal breakfast in the morning, and see each other again around dinnertime, when they feel stressed and tired, and wish to go to bed as early as possible.
This pattern can affect a couple’s relationship, making one or both partners crave for radical changes. Sometimes, even the simplest adjustments, such as trading a lunch break for a complete wellness experience for two at Balanced Rock Bodyworks can do wonders for couples who are ready and willing to break their tedious routine and enjoy a therapeutic massage together.

3 Advantages Offered by Professional Couple Massages
From experience, I can tell you that couple massage sessions provide a plethora of attractive relationship benefits, including the three essential ones listed below.

1. Quality Bonding Time. Couples who enjoy our pampering massages together get the chance to establish a more rewarding connection, and bond closely and more efficiently with each other. This short, sweet break enables them to relax, discuss fresh, inspiring ideas that could benefit their relationship even further, such as suggestions for a romantic weekend getaway, or thoughts on redecorating their house.

2. The Chance to Try Something New. Moreover, massage experiences enable couples to try something new and pleasurable together. Massages are great options worth considering, especially if you’re looking for a leisure activity meant to pamper all your senses, and give you and your better half the chance to unwind together, and create awesome, long-lasting memories while improving your mental and physical health.

3. An Opportunity to Embrace the Present and Stay Happy Together. During a massage session, the feelings of intimacy and affection are amplified, as muscle stimulation helps release serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin in the body. This simple action allows couples to reconnect, and gives both partners the opportunity to reach a similar level of mindfulness, while staying focused on the present moment. This benefit also encourages clients to stay anchored in the present, and keep past memories and uncertainties regarding the future at a distance, to live in the now, and turn their attention to the current realities of their relationship.

As experienced massage therapists, we can tell you that couples who get massages together stay together. These people are more inclined to see their own wellbeing and the health and wellness of their partner as a top priority. They see us as often as possible to take their shared therapeutic adventure one step further, and reinforce their connection session after session.


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