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Tips For A Free Boost Right Now

Just about everyone I talk to, whether in yoga class, SUP class or during a massage, has expressed the need for more energy.  I read an article, last week, about an elite athlete vs. a toddler.  They had the adult athlete mimic the movements of a toddler for about 30 minutes.  The adult “elite” athlete…

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Terminate Your Toxins

If you’re reading this, it is safe to assume you are interested and likely making an effort to get healthy.  Unfortunately, reading articles and all the best intention in the world won’t help you feel better.  🙂  There are many indications of poor health and some can be fixed with simple adjustments to our daily…

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Kermit The Frog Was Wrong!

My blog tends to focus on health and well being as well as Lincoln NH massage and Yoga.  I read a great article about ways in which we can continue the mind-set of earth day and be a little more green every day.  Sorry Kermit, it turns out, it really IS easy bein’ green! Here…

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Some Steps to Squash Your Stress

If you look, you can find ways to reduce your stress around every corner and on dozens of late-night info-mercials.  The trouble with most of them is finding time in our busy lives to tackle the technique proposed to reduce our stress in the first place.  Here are a couple tips to help reduce your…

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