Tips For A Free Boost Right Now

lincoln nh massage energyJust about everyone I talk to, whether in yoga class, SUP class or during a massage, has expressed the need for more energy.  I read an article, last week, about an elite athlete vs. a toddler.  They had the adult athlete mimic the movements of a toddler for about 30 minutes.  The adult “elite” athlete simply could not keep up!  Don’t we wish we all could regain that energy the wee ones seem to have in (over) abundance.

If you find yourself struggling to muster the energy to get out of your own way, often times it is during the afternoon hours as you toil away at your desk, try a few of these tips and see if it makes a difference.

Let the sun shine in (on!).  Get yourself out in the sun and let it soak in.  If possible, get outside in the morning and even throw in a quick walk while you’re at it.  You don’t have to do a full workout and “ruin your hair”, just get the heart rate up a bit and enjoy the fresh air.  Breathe deeply and let your legs and body stretch as you walk.

lincoln nh yoga energyYou can also trick your body into being more energetic.  We all understand that our thoughts (and self-talk) have a big impact on our physical feelings.  If you act quickly and energetically you will inevitably feel more energetic and the cycle will continue.  There is an “as you think so shall you be” quote out there somewhere… I’m sure it is more eloquent than that.

I’m a huge fan (and proponent) of the power of music.  If you have the ability (during the work-day) to rock out to your favorite “up-beat”song, do it!  Music has a powerful effect on us and we should take full advantage of that.  A good (energetic) friend can also fill this need.  If you can sneak away and make a quick phone call to that “full of life” friend of yours, do it.  You both will reap the rewards of the personal connection and you’ll come away with a boost for the rest of your day.

Try to steer away from food as a means to boost your energy.  Most of us immediately reach for that next cup of coffee or, worse yet, some other chemical drink to give us an artificial lift.  Make the decision to boost your energy naturally and you don’t risk the inevitable crash from the other methods.  You can get more of these great tips from Gretchen Rubin!

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