Reason To Drink Lemon Water

lincoln nh yogaHere’s some info. I got from another great article in the Elephant Journal.  I’ve not been as religious in my drinking of lemon water as the author, but the benefits seem great.  I want to note that you should do a little research on this to make sure you get the mixture right.  It can be harmful to your teeth so maybe check with your dentist first.  There is no reason to gain the benefits of this drink while hurting another part of your body.

Lemon water is helpful in digestion.  Adding a little salt and sugar can give a little boost to your digestion and help eliminate toxins from the digestive tract.  It even reduces symptoms of indigestion and heartburn.  You could use it after a big meal to settle down your belly and help the digestion process along.

It is also great for the immune system.  Lemon water has lots of vitamin C.  It can help with digestion as mentioned above and provide a little boost during a long or busy day.  It might even help you get through a tough yoga class or Stand Up Paddleboard lesson!  Give it a try and see for yourself.  You might find it can replace that afternoon coffee or energy drink.

As an added benefit to the reduction of toxins, lemon juice helps make our skin more radiant.  The pectin fiber contained in lemons also fights hunger cravings.  Just by drinking lemon water, you could find yourself skipping that afternoon snack and maybe losing those pesky extra pounds.

Lemon juice and diluted lemon water has lots of benefits related to reduced anxiety and depression, increased energy levels and provides a boost to the immune system.  Start doing a little research of your own and explore the power of this simple drink.

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