Unplug and Re-Charge

lincoln-nh-unplugI admit, I’m not much of a technology “guru”, but I am versed enough to hold my own.  As a small business owner, yoga instructor, mother, wife and friend it is important for me to maintain connection to all my “peeps”.  That said, it is also important for me to unplug, unwind and simply “be”.  Yes, this sounds a little “hippy-dippy”, but that’s OK.  It is just that important.

If you are going to commit to a technology unplugging, you should give it a little planning.  Are you going to go it alone, or will you have a partner share in the experience?  How long do you think you can go?  Sometimes we really can’t unplug as long as we’d like, but that’s OK.  You can make the time you have meaningful and rejuvenating.  You should probably let a few people know your intentions as well.  You don’t want mom trying to unsuccessfully call you for 3 days and start to worry!

Give some thought to how far you will actually “unplug”.  I have read about people who go way beyond Facebook and their cell phones and try to avoid any electricity usage whatsoever.  This can be easily accomplished with a quick camping trip too!  Perhaps you’ll bring your cell phone (turned off, of course) just in case.  Now that the weather is starting to warm up, maybe you can plan your escape now.  Even if you simply remove yourself from all of your electronic distractions for a few hours on a single day.  I truly believe there is a benefit.  The trick is to make it count.

lincoln nh yoga1When you’re unplugged, take a few minutes to jot down some thoughts about how you are feeling and thinking.  You don’t have to be a writer to do this and the exercise will return dividends long after your experience.  We talked earlier about writing down those 10 things we are grateful for every day.  The purpose for this is to be able to look back and reflect on your gratitudes from earlier weeks and months.  The same holds true for expression your thoughts during your “unplug”.  You’ll be able to re-live how you felt during this time and will likely be motivated to do it again.

Good luck on your adventure and let me know how it went.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how you feel with a conscious decision to simply connect with nature and yourself.  Enjoy it.

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