Massage Tools to Use in Between Massages

loon mountain nh massageWhen a massage therapist is not handy or you cannot get a much needed appointment with your favorite massage therapist, there are tools you can use to help your body move better. While nothing will take the place of a great massage, these tools can help in the interim.

Massage tools you can use until you see the massage therapist

There are a wide variety of massage tools available:

1. One of the strangest looking massage tools you can use to work out the kinks in your muscles is the Theracane. It looks like a cane for a very short person, and has two handles on it. The Theracane also has little round knobs in various positions. You can hold the Theracane by the handles and reach almost all body parts, putting pressure light to heavy on the muscles until they release the pain. It is especially useful for working out knots in the back area.

2. Next up is a massage tool with a strange name: Bongers™. This massage tool consists of two hand-held percussive tools you can use on yourself or have someone use on your back. Imagine wooden handles, a metal flexible piece extending from the handles, and a rubber ball on the end and you will have some idea of what Bongers™ look like. They offer a wonderful massage, but you may have to experiment a bit with the force to put behind them.

3. Foam rollers come in varying densities, and are great for floor work to roll out the kinks in your muscles when your massage therapist is booked.

4. The Omni Roller Massage tool is one of the hand-held wonders that offers a great deal of relief. Its design is so simple – it is a hard ball that extends out from and rolls around in a hard cup. The cup is easy to grasp and roll the ball up and down grumpy muscles. The Omni Roller is lightweight, yet it has the capacity to calm muscle spasms, relieve stress, and is great on trigger points. It can be used over clothing, directly on skin (even to apply soothing lotions), and under water in a hot tub or spa.

5. The Backknobber is a variant of the Theracane. It looks like a giant ‘S’ and is used by hooking it over a shoulder and applying one end of the ‘S’ to the trigger points in your back. Use it to reduce tension and pain in the back and to increase range of motion in the shoulders.

6. Does anything relax a person better than a scalp massage? The 5 in 1 Portable Handheld Massager by US Jaclean is a battery operated massager that has interchangeable ends that target the scalp, face, arm, leg, neck and feet. With soothing, relaxing vibrating massages. All you have to do is hold your hand steady, close your eyes and enjoy the sensation.

Wonderful as they may be, none of these massage tools equals the relief one gets from a massage done by a certified massage therapist.

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