Reconnect With Yourself

lincoln nh yoga balanceOK, so I know that sounds a little hokey, but hear me out.  We talked, last week, about being “present” and this week I’d like to take this a step further and really dig into the process of re-connecting and more fully understanding ourselves.

You knew the first thing I would encourage you to do is take a yoga class, right!?  Truth is, it works.  Listen closely to your body and hear which areas could use a little love today.  A little stretching, breathing, heat and energy into those areas can make all the difference in the world.

While you’re at it, find your balance, literally.  Pick any pose you prefer, tree, headstand, etc. and stick with it for a few minutes.  I always encourage students to “find their balance” and this is a perfect time for that.  Let your weight move around your balance point and see where you can settle further in.  this is a great way to find a deeper connection with your body and allow yourself to simply explore the area around you and gravity itself. (whoa! deep!)  🙂

Holding your breath, although it goes against everything we talk about in yoga, is an effective way to reconnect.  Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds.  Allow the air to expand through your chest and into your belly.  Try and release the tension in your jaws and allow yourself to soften.  Try a few rounds of this and see how you feel.

Lastly, try walking barefoot.  Obviously this time of year is not conducive to a walk in the woods barefoot, but around your house and even across the shoveled walkway.  The carpet and wood floors can feel great on your feet and allow you to focus your attention to each different sensation of each type of flooring.

Take a little time this holiday season to re-charge your batteries and it will hopefully give you the boost (or relaxation) you need to come out in the new year intact!

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