Yoga for Men

lincoln nh yoga menYoga has seen its own evolution over the last several decades. More than just ancient practice, yoga has grown to become a family activity, including children and the man of the family. Yoga has so many health benefits, it is not difficult to see why its popularity extends to include men as well.


Enter Broga—a “rugged take” on the thousands-year old practice involving disciplined breathing and specific movements. It has been tagged with many descriptions, including “yoga for dudes” and “more macho, less mantra.” For male athletes who want the benefits of yoga but are not eager to show their downward dog in a roomful of women, Broga is the wave of the future.

Broga works to combine the traditional yoga-as-we-know-it with high intensity interval training and cardio.

What makes Broga different than traditional yoga?

  • The movements are designed with men in mind. There is little twisting, binding, or deep forward bending.
  • Different, non-traditional yoga moves are added, such as push-ups and squat variations.
  • The language used is different (geared more toward dudes).
  • Guys hear more upbeat music and less chanting sounds in class—think Bob Dylan and the Black Keys

The co-founder of Broga, Robert Sidoti, set out to create a yoga program for men that was less embarrassing and more masculine, combining strength training with calisthenics while leaving out the chakra talks. At first just confined to a few select markets, Broga classes can now be found all around the world, and women are welcome as well. Sidoti points out that while core practices from traditional yoga are still implemented, much of the language has been changed. His expertise in the fitness realm led him to create Broga as a way for men to experience the benefits of yoga in a different way.

Traditional yoga works by stretching muscles, implementing poses for strength, and working to make your heart healthy. Regular participants may feel less stressed, may find themselves breathing better, and can experience better posture. Not unlike the practice of yoga, Broga aims to provide men (women are welcome too!) with focus, balance, and increased mental health.

DDP Yoga

Another form of yoga for men has shown up in DDP (Diamond Dallas Page), a former WCW World Championship Wrestler who developed a workout system implementing yoga for men. The DDP yoga plan involves yoga blended with strength conditioning, mixed martial arts, and Pilates. As he says on his website, “If yoga is a bicycle, then DDP Yoga is a Harley!”

Right now, the DDP Yoga program is available online as an at-home workout, and the website includes information regarding DDP Yoga retreats and workshops. Levels of Page’s yoga program range from beginner to extreme advanced.

When you discover something good for your health, you tend to want to share it with others. Yoga is a healthy, good-for-you activity the whole family can enjoy together.

Although, if you prefer a little rock ‘n roll in the middle of your downward dog, maybe you should stick with Broga.

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